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Garage Door of Detroit is a company that really cares about getting your garages in great shape. Are you having some troubles with some springs, panels, or something else that is giving you some grief? If so, you will do yourself a great favor by calling in our Michigan men to give you a helping hand. We can handle a lot of garage-related services:

  • Spring replacement
  • Cable service
  • Track repair
  • Complete panel replacement
  • Maintenance services
  • Automatic opener installation
  • And much more!

Garage door professionals who are ready to work for you

You might be having some problems with your springs. After all, Garage Door Repair Before And Afterthe spring may be small, but it is a very important part of keeping your panel in check. If you have ever some issues related to this component, then Garage Door of Detroit will be the company for you. Our technicians will get to the bottom of this. Do you need to replace some cables in your system that are not working properly? This is another thing that a lot of our guys have been practicing, and you'll be glad to have us working for you. Garage Door of Detroit has a reliable fleet of technicians who can switch out your cable with a working one in no time.

Give us a call if you need an installation

Worried that you will end up spending way too much of your hard earned funds on getting your panels fixed? If so, the best thing to do would be to go to Garage Door of Detroit MI. When it comes to fixing garages, nobody compares to our low rates. Give us a call now and our free estimate may leave you surprised.

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